Fruit Salad & Paint Palettes

I have some strange faded hair at the moment with patches of pink and orange, so I look a little bit like a lost and abandoned Fruit Salad (I reference those sweets way too often here - I didn't realise they were so influential to me).

I've realised this Totoro is about as big as my head. What does this mean? Well nothing, but it made me feel that Totoro should sit on my shoulder like a parrot and influence all my decision-making. That sounds like a strong life plan to me.

Anyway, I took these pictures absent-mindedly because I wanted to take some pictures, and it's always nice to do a blog post this way. I always like when a hair dye is fading out because it has this nice, gentle hue to it. I am looking forward to having my natural hair colour completely back though.

Here's my desk (it's not really a desk, but I use it a desk, so it's sort of a desk) in a medium level state of mess. This table sits right by my bed, so I like to keep a book there so I'm being subliminally encouraged to read at all times. You might also notice my use of a notebook page as a paint palette. I like to do that because I like to record my paint palette for a particular painting session sometimes. My paint palettes are almost preferable to any of my actual paintings. They're like fingerprints. Always different and interesting.


  1. I always keep a book next to my bed for the same reason. I really do like the shade of your hair :)

    Hannah x

    1. Yeah, it's a good idea! Thank you :-)


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