Endless Grey

Here are some more ghostly greyscale scans. The soothing simplicity of removing such a basic thing as colour makes me feel a strange kind of tranquil. Kinda like when you have a wardrobe of only black, white, and grey clothes - it just feels clear and calm and nice (or at least I think so). I used to wear more black, and I've been missing that lately. I think the next time I get some new clothes I'll make them black or grey. I already have something of a tendency to buy grey clothes. There's just something about grey.

I like when a dark grey is called "charcoal" - I guess because it makes me think about natural substances. Same thing with with deep "mustard" yellows and dark "rust" orange/red. There's something I like a lot about earthy colours too.

I love folding myself up into this serene, colourless space, and I like when clothes and colours and ideas can do the same thing. There's a potential endlessness to the limitations of greyscale. The colour is gone, but the depth, and motion, and feeling are neverending.

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