Diary: Games & Paint

I have been very video games this week. I installed Steam for the first time in years. I think the first time I didn't exactly understand it and I wasn't that interested, but now I love it. I've also been doing lots of stuff in Animal Crossing: New Leaf because I'm determined to do my best to get all the badges.

I also finished a journal and started a new one, and I've been painting a bit (a nice amount). I'm gonna use up all my journals and sketchbooks and notebooks (including my second Wreck It Journal) one by one. I'm gonna do it!

On the weekend I visited a market and I ate a big scotch egg and drank some cherry beer which was so delicious. It was sunny and sweaty and then suddenly the rain poured down. Luckily I managed to mostly dodge it.

It's been a really nice week and I feel very sleepy and content and calm. Please distract me from video games so I can calm down and have a nice dream about whatever the opposite of video games is.

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