Diary: Developing

It's been another week already and this week the weather has been very erratic. Lots of rain and lots of sudden sun. I'm having trouble knowing what to wear. I guess I have to give up on trying to dress appropriately when the weather is flip-flopping like that.

I have had some fun outside though, with a forest walk, some goose-feeding (they like oats) and a delicious pub lunch. I also took three films to get developed, and after this I'm not going to shoot film any more. It's kinda sad, but it's become something I do less and less and I'm happy to finally switch to digital only. Besides, I can always grab a disposable camera if I really miss it. It'll be fun to see how my last pictures come out. The rolls I took to get developed were a black and white roll, an infra red roll, and a waterproof disposable.

I have felt pretty tranquil this past week. I've been reading Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson and it's full of ideas for alternative choices for household items and food and space. I'm finding it really interesting. There's a recipe for making your own mustard in there and now every time I look at something I wonder if I could make it myself. It's pretty cool.

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