Diary: Cloud & Colour

This week I have been spending a lot of time watching Gameragi's Let's Play of Final Fantasy VII. One thing I love about watching Let's Plays of my favourite Final Fantasy games is that they are so long and you can bury yourself in a video series that in this case must total somewhere around fifty hours and get such an extensive view of someone's insight into the game and the story as they go through it. I love it.

I've also had two particularly amazing meals recently: French onion soup and a Cobb salad. Both recipes came from GifRecipes, which is a really interesting way to find recipes and you can get a really good sense of the entire preparation process from these. I think it's a really cool concept, and seriously, these meals - so delicious.

I was thinking about salad in general as well, and I think it's the greatest food configuration. You just put some food all on a plate together and it's a beautiful time. I also deeply enjoy eating a variety of leaves, so y'know, salads.

I also got some new notebooks and promptly realised I have approximately a million notebooks, so I guess I'd better get going with all of them! I love getting new notebooks though, especially since I know I'll get through them all eventually. I wonder how many I'll use up across my whole lifetime. Is there already a world record for that?

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