Bookblock Custom Notebooks

I have some snazzy new custom notebooks after winning a Twitter competition hosted by Natasha Nuttall (of Graphique Fantastique) and Bookblock a while ago! Look at these beauties! I love the shape and size and sturdy feel of these notebooks, and I love the way the page markers have been colour-matched to my designs (you can choose the elastic band and ribbon colours yourself).

I wanted to make some silly and colourful designs that looked quite doodle-y, and look at how cool the spines look with dashes of colour on them. Spines are important and great. I wanted the colour and humour and gestural feel to kinda inspire a lucid and happy feeling, because y'know, the way your notebook looks and feels probably influences you a lot when you're using it, right?

Also, I just love socks and need to express that sentiment more or less constantly.

Bookblock's custom notebooks are made in partnership with their sister company, Monsieur Notebook, which I'm mostly mentioning because it means there is a tiny face with a moustache and monocle to greet you on the front inside cover. I presume this is the eponymous and (hopefully) beneficent Monsieur Notebook himself. He seems like a nice man.

I am really looking forward to writing a thousand awful limericks about sharks in these cute and lovely notebooks very soon. If you would like to have fun designing one of your own, you can find Bookblock's custom originals page here.


  1. Cool notebooks! I hope you find inspiration when you write on them!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  2. What a cute notebook. I love the "sleepy sun". And, of course, " socks 4ever" is a cool idea as well. What will your notebooks contain? Anything special?

    1. Who knows?! Lots of silly things, most likely.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.