Animal Crossing (The Very First One)

I decided to try playing the very first Animal Crossing game since I love both New Leaf and Happy Home Designer so much. I should probably get Wild World at some point in order to complete the series.

I very much liked that super cool dog musician K.K. Slider greeted me to start off the game. I'm a big fan, of course. He gave me some encouraging words of advice.

And then it was time for explaining my name and what I'm doing on the train to a strange cat who I don't even know. Nosy.

So I named the place I'm moving to Hell. Just for fun. I feel like the Animal Crossing series has managed to maintain a very consistent overall feel, even with Happy Home Designer, which approaches the game world from quite a different perspective. I think this original iteration is just as charming as the most recent games, and I think it has some unique charm of its own too.

I really like the slightly more impish design for the player character, as well as the acre and map system as they appear in this game. Here I am in my brand new house, complete with some default bits of furniture (Tom Nook generously gave me an unsellable radio).

Planting also feels different, and somehow freer. I also like the clock design a lot here. Man, it's all so cute.

I got a nice new sofa after running an errand for a villager, so my house is starting to look a little less empty already! I'm really impressed by the diary on the left here, which you can use to write real diary entries. I love writing stuff in games, apparently, and this one contains many options to do so - letters, the noticeboard, and my own diary!

I think we are all Belle. I went inside her house and she has gyroids that make mooing noises. Amazing.

I'm currently carrying a work uniform and two fossils. Just like in reality. I'm not going to start keeping a journal for this game like I do with New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, but I'm definitely going to play this one a lot because it is unique and lovely. Wish me luck in paying off my home loan and getting those fossils evaluated!


  1. Ah yes, Wild World is the best game ever!! What console do you play on? because like how do you get your pictures?? (am I being dumb?)

    1. I'm using a Gamecube emulator called Dolphin! It works really nicely. I don't really know too much about recording from a console, especially from older ones, so that's the only viable option for me at the moment. My other Animal Crossing posts (ACNL and HHD) are straight from my 3DS though (that in-game photo option is a lifesaver).

    2. Ohh that's so cool! I only have have an old DS (but it has a Nintendogs dalmation sticker so it's all good)

    3. My 3DS has Rilakkuma stickers on it. Stylish ;-)

  2. You seem to really love Animal Crossing! It's a great Nintendo franchise. Unfortunately, I haven't tried the Gamecube Version (Although I have a GameCube). On "New Leaf" I think I've wasted quite a good amount of time.

    Great post, Lil!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. I really do, it's the cutest and sweetest game. I'm trying to get every badge in New Leaf. You wanna visit my town sometime? My fc is 5000-3460-0645. Let me know yours if you wanna hang out!

  3. Hi Lil,

    Thanks for the follow!

    My blog is new, so you might need to bare with for a while, as I find my feed :)

    Looking at your blog, funny you have a post on animal crossing, I dug out my old Nintendo Wii the other week, haven't touched it for over a year and I was reminded of this super cute game! x

    1. Animal Crossing is my life! I'm dedicated ;-)


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