Animal Crossing Journal #26: Birthdays & Goodbyes

It's been a long time since I've updated you on my town, as you can tell by the picture of me standing with some snowmams in a June update, so I'm gonna aggregate stuff from the last four months or so. I really haven't been playing a lot, so there have been some villagers moving in and out and I've been clearing up a backlog of weeds that have been growing everywhere.

One of our new villagers is Eloise, who is a very cute yellow elephant. I actually really like playing like this more after a while of adjusting to being bummed out every time a villager leaves. I think it's nice because I enjoy having to reconfigure my flowers and stuff around newly empty spaces and new houses, and it's a nice way to meet more characters. It's nice to let the town grow a little bit on its own.

This birthday party moment will really show up how long it's been since I've updated, because my birthday is in February. Anyway I love Hamphrey yelling. He should always yell.

Here I am hanging out with Eloise after she got all settled in. It's nice to have a bigger villager around sometimes. I like to have folks of all different sizes around. I love her eyes. They're so big and adorable.

And here I am with dear Hamphrey, who has actually just moved out. He was possibly my favourite villager of all, but maybe he'll be back someday. I'll miss this grumpy hamster.

Here's my house as it looks today, under a bright blue sky.

Here I am solemnly rearranging the flowers in the space Hamphrey left. Oh Hamphrey.

It's all okay as long as I get to chase around some butterflies.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love Animal Crossing but I haven't been able to play this recently on my 3DS. The town is probably wondering where I've been now as Mayor. You go rearrange those flowers.

    Characters leaving are quite sad sometimes.

    Keep up the great work. I'm a new reader but this got me!


    1. Hi Ron, nice to meet'cha! A little bear cub just moved in to keep me company. You should go say hello to your neighbours sometime soon. Thanks for reading! :-)


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