Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Journal #3

Hello and welcome back to my adventures in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, where I am always compelled to stop filling rooms with crude drawings of celebrities. Trust me, it will be the new interior design trend in a few years.

Anyhow, Isabelle and I are here setting up a new restaurant, kitchen and all.

Setting all this up made me feel peckish. Look at those chef hats though! So cute.

I've been decorating a bunch of places lately (and I'm not going to catalogue everything in this journal - it will just be an occassional snapshot), so let me show you a few. This is the lobby of our department store.

There are a lot of seats for busy shoppers to rest on. You're not really supposed to nap here, but I guess these villagers just can't be stopped.

Here's the cafΓ© on the first floor of the department store. A nice and cosy little place.

And here's the meeting room on the top floor of my delightful office building. I've ensured that there are lots of snacks available.

It's finally time to focus on building a new resident house, however, for Ava here, who wants a nice kitchen.

She gave me these items to work with (what's a girl without her basket of eggs, eh?) and I got to work creating a cosy kitchen and a nice little living room for her.

She looks very pleased with the final result.

Next up, Isabelle and I are about to work on a concert hall. How exciting! Ava's invited me round for some poached eggs first though, so y'know, priorities.

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