Wishlist For A Small, Practical Adult (It's Me)

Like any other newly-adultified young person studying for A Levels in sarcasm and bad haircuts, I used to spend all my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance, or Eek! Money! Argh!) on anime and manga magazines and only the cheapest Primark delights (I've still got a £1 pair of shorts that have been the perfect summer pyjamas for a hundred years now). My main interests were endlessly perusing magazines and wearing cobalt blue, for some reason.

Now, of course, after six centuries, I have much more mature interests and consumer habits. Here is a list of things that I currently am highly interested in.

The most beautiful and gracious bear.

1. A huge Rilakkuma.

There is something I love about super large cuddly toys. I like being able to put my arms around them properly and bury my face in their tums. On the other hand, I also love extremely tiny cuddly toys.

I love these cute laundry baskets from Amazon.

2. A laundry basket.

I don't have a dedicated thing to put my dirty clothes in, and I want one. Particularly a cute, fabric, foldable one.

The stylish 'Florentine' door handle, available at handleworld.co.uk (which I'm thrilled to discover is a real website).

3. A door handle. 

I don't have a handle on my bedroom door right now because my life is a mess. When I get a door handle everything will be okay.

Cat pens? Sign me up!

4. A selection of incredibly cute pens.

I can't resist true modern art in the form of intensely cutesy stationery items. One of those cat pens is even winking. How am I supposed to resist that?

The perfect mystery locket which I will show you with no context (because I don't have any).

5. A locket.

I always wanted one when I was younger and I never got one. It's like a very tiny magazine, and you get to be the editor. I'd probably put a picture of Rilakkuma in it.


Other than all of those very important things, I mostly desire many punnets of raspberries, and lots of praise. Please send large packages of praise. Thanks.


  1. This post was so amazing and funny! I fortunately have all the money in the world and will gladly purchase those items for you. :-)

    1. I really ought to at least get the door handle!

  2. Honestly, I could spend so much money on cute/adorable stationary haha. & yes lockets are the best have always wanted one as well!

    1. Steer me away from any and all Paperchases!

  3. Hi Lil have you taken over the internet, you are everywhere. Lockets, not the sweet which is filled with disgusting honey stuff, but the opposite something which contains memories so sweet. Door handles, well they are very important for privacy as for laundry baskets only dirty people need to wash clothes. A for pens I just photographed some for my shop, I will upload them tomorrow made by a friend of mine on a lathe. I would like to ask you to use your very witty wit and your outlook on life to tell people who have never been to Scotland about Scotland from your point of view, also about places you visited, where, what Yu thought about it.

    Why I hear you ask. Go to www.highland-scene.com As you know Scotland is my home, I love Scotland, its supported me in so many ways. You will see an email address email me and I will explain what I am looking for. Thank you in advance and if you do this for me I will reward you with your choice of anything from my online handmade (by me) art and jewellery site. 😊 or a door handle a girl has to have privacy you know.

    1. Hey David!
      Scotland is a meaningful place for me too as you know, so that might be a great idea! Let me have a think about it. x

  4. Thanks Lil look forward to hearing from you. Have great weekend, spent today painting my clay jewellery (practice pieces) 😁


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