Video Games & Totoro

After the starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced, I decided to load my old Pokémon X and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire saves because it had been so long since I'd played either of those games, and there were lots of little things I'd forgotten about, like all the glorious fashion choices they brought in for X and Y. I like the little cropped hoodies. I do not like the lack of good hair accessories. More hair bows, please!

Suddenly I really miss video games (and character customisation, which I live for). I haven't really played anything much for a long time, and I miss all my old worlds and cities and towns and responsibilities. I've stopped caring who moves in and out in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, and actually I think that's a nice way to play the game. You get to meet more animals and not worry about it. As long as Blathers is still there (my beautiful sleepy owl) I'm fine.

I thought I'd make a couple of quick scanner collages just because I think it's a nice showcase of a few things that are nearby right now, and also it's a nice representation (and extension) of my current journaling style (and if you notice I used to spell it 'journalling' - I've decided to switch over to the more commonly used spelling and that's okay because language and spelling are a journey, or something). Scanning some stuff that's around me occasionally just feels right. There's usually a Totoro in there somewhere.

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