Sun Bun Clubhouse

The sun is shining and I decided to stick some paintings up in my room, because it's been a while since I decorated and it needs a little something new. I'm not going to cover the whole wall in one day though, like I usually do. This time I think I'll build it up slowly so it can be more of a representation of a timeline. Usually I take a section of wall and cover it as much as I can, which means that they can be quite specific and uniform in appearance. I want the rest of the wall space to evolve and grow so that my bedroom can be more of a clubhouse of cycling ideas and stuff. I want to print off some cute dog pictures for it or something. Stick birthday cards and notes up, and fun pictures from days out. I want it to be more like the inside of my journal, I think.

I also really like my white blind and the way it mutes sunshine but lets it through. I love all the light in my room! I really want to get some nice, light-coloured and possibly patterned bedsheets, and I want to make a blanket fort and hang up bunting and string for hanging pictures on. I am possibly too ambitious about it, but please send me approximately a hundred pastel coloured blankets just in case.

I'm trying to think up lots of fun little creative projects to do, and redecorating my bedroom or otherwise doing something to change the way it looks is always fun. I like changing things because it makes me feel super snug and excited to sit in here and do fun things when I'm surrounded by things that make me happy. It makes me more eager to sit and watch fun movies and eat biscuits and write in my journal all at the same time, and it makes me more eager to set goals and plan picnics. I still gotta make my space and my time and my mind the best they possibly can be, so if that means spending some afternoons selecting the best pictures of cute dogs online, then let's do it!

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