Outfit: あいする

INU INU were kind enough to send me some socks that tell you they love you in Japanese, so I thought I would put a little outfit post together with them. I love these socks because, well, it's nice when your socks encourage and support you! Also they're kinda thick sports socks, which is useful.

I'm wearing them with my mum's chunky-soled boots. I haven't owned boots in a long time and I miss wearing them so much all of a sudden. I love these ones because they're a bit tough looking and they feel sturdy. I did used to have a super dainty pair of Peter Pan style boots years ago that were my perfect boot, but sadly they wore out because I wore them all the time.

I'm also wearing my strawberry t-shirt (from TK Maxx), my red skater skirt (from H&M), and my fluffy and perfect cardigan (from a market). Nice 'n' easy!

I think it's a good life goal to always have socks that encourage you and care about you. Thanks, socks!


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.