Never Giving Up

If there's one thing I've learned about learning, and getting and being what you want, it's to never give up on anything. The only way something 100% definitely will not happen is if you don't try, but if you keep trying to become a cyborg squirrel nurse, if it never happens you will still probably have gained a lot of robotic/nursing/squirrel knowledge and perhaps some related opportunities. You might know loads of squirrels by the end of it that have adopted you into their family and invited you for dinner. And you might have a cool cybernetic arm that makes delightful memes at the touch of a button. Life is unpredictable in its gifts and coincidences and rewards, but the more you go for stuff, the more other stuff you will inevitably find as a result of the chain reaction of living.

So do your best and try the same thing again and again until it works, and experiment with slightly altered methods of doing everything from brushing your teeth to welding to sculpting custom penguin-shaped toilet bowls. Do everything and anything. Say yes to as much as you can and say no when your instincts tell you to. Do weird things and be decisive when you suddenly have thoughts about eating biscuits in the middle of doing something. You go get those biscuits, and then read seven Wikipedia pages related to biscuits and learn what the word for biscuit is in a few other languages (keks in German, keksi in Finnish, suchar in Czech). 

Me thinking intently about biscuits.

Be determined and diligent, never give up, and indulge your pleasant and inconsequential whims frequently (especially about biscuits).


  1. "bhe hc kait mu n" in Burmese.

  2. You are so very right, now at 63 I can tell you that, for sure. I am blogging and baking and talking about my life here in Costa Rica. One year ago I had never written a thing. I keep submitting my stories and, I can't believe that someone wants to read them. Life is fun. Keep learning. Deby

  3. wow this is so inspiring and true
    btw i realy like your blog its so nice


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