Once again I'm in greyscale. I like to simplify myself down to a colourless rectangle with a shallow depth of light. It's calming to be grey, somehow. There's a stillness about the lack of colour. A serene, moonish feeling.

I wonder what it'd be like to be the moon. Like, if the moon had thoughts and feelings about being the moon. I wonder if it would be peaceful, or lonely, or tormented. I guess it can be any and all of those things as this thoughtful moon is a moon from my imagination. But I think I might like to be a moon like that.

I guess the grey takes me to some place like that. Some place where I can be a little moon person. Serene in the black sky of my scanner world.


  1. this photoset is so cool! there is just something so beautiful about black + white pictures

    1. Thank you! Yeah there really is, I love black and white.

  2. These photographs are beautiful! You're a true artist who experiments. Keep the good work going! Lots of success!

  3. I love the concept! Super creative!!


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