Journal Update ☆

I had a few bits and bobs and paint blob experiments lying around, so I collated them into my journal so that they could be all organised and in the same space together. I keep a folder with some collaging scrap stuff in it (alongside all my zine originals) so I looked inside it to find something to use just to neaten up the folder a bit. I tend to leave it alone for a while and forget what's in there, so it's nice to look for things I can repurpose from there every once in a while.

I pulled out some photos from a water damage/degradation project. I really like the simple sequence of differences in these. I also added lots of embellishments to pages, especially my notepad pages of paint blobs.

My Papermate Flair pens draw so nicely over the top of paint. I love these pens so much. They feel so nice and smooth to use and they seem to write so perfectly on thin and thick paper alike. I'm such a pen enthusiast!

Doing stuff in my journal is so therapeutic! Also, it's nice to stick to one, because it makes it feel like a cool portfolio and secret world that I can carry around with me everywhere and show people at any time.

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