Journal: Kaleidoscopes & Sunsets

I made a little bit of spooky, black and white collage in my journal, which I naturally followed up with bright, sunny, orange pages of old paintings, matching the weather. There's something about torn edges around figures and eyes and fingers. Torn up people and parts.

So the torn edges and muted, matte greys segue into bright, bright colours, chunky pens, and fuzzy brushstrokes. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope. I wish I had one to look through. They're always so magical. One of the coolest things a person ever made, I think.

There are some odd little pieces here, almost forgotten afterthoughts to the big eye on the previous page. But small doesn't really mean forgotten, or snuck in, just the little pieces collecting themselves together. They're just as important. They twinkle.

Whenever I doodle with biro it reminds me of being on the phone and compulsively scribbling things on the back of an envelope. The messy, quick, thin lines. Satisfying in their tinyness. I like dotting around the page and drawing little crosses. Making a biro galaxy.

And then comes the orange and yellow glow. Fire. Sunset. You've got to keep a sunset in your journal somewhere.

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