Journal: Fun Photo Album & Depeche Mode

I painted some colourful blobs and glitter all over Depeche Mode because y'know, they look a bit gloomy - they could use some glitter.

I'm closing in on the end of this journal and it's looking pretty chunky now, with pages satisfyingly thick with paint and collage. One of my favourite things to collage every so often is personal photos, because it feels like being a kid and making a macaroni frame. What's a photo album without glitter and scribbled hearts?

I really want to do more pages like this one because there's nothing better than revelling in cute little moments of your own life and romanticising yourself and the things you care about.

There's also some pages of green and yellow paint because sometimes when I'm done painting I have leftover paint and I get to make something quick and cute with it. Good.

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