Journal: Chaos & Stick Figures

Here are lots of super colourful journal pages! I really enjoyed making these because it was all a very scribbly and rough and big process - of squashing paint together between pieces of paper, and sweeping arcs of the wrist with the chunkiest felt tips I own. It was fun.

I love mixing all the different types of textures together the most. All are me. Soft and smooth, scribbled and blunt, watery and slight. I love the way they come together.

I also love drawing stick figures lately. I'm not sure why I started drawing them so often, but I'm so fond of them as a fundamental of drawing. I must've heard so many people being bashful after drawing stick figures, but I love them so much. They have so much potential for characterisation and they're such a recognisable basic. I think we should take time to appreciate them.

I like to think that my stick figures exist in this fantastical domain of messy paint and scribbly lines. Their beautiful kingdom.

Another thing I really like is the aesthetic of lines and pictures blurred from water spilled on a page, or the moisture of wet paint seeping through from somewhere else. I like that particular look of dreamy decay. Water can be a pretty good art material itself!

Most of all I guess I like artistic chaos. I like a kind of organised destruction.

I love this journal. There's something about it, maybe it's the way the pages make that crinkly sound or something. As soon as I'm done with one page I want to fill the next one.


  1. I used to work in a school nursery and you can imagine how wonderful life is for a 3 and 4 year old with access to as much colourful stuff they want from sticky bits of papers to pots of brightly coloured paint, from finger painting, blowing paint around with a straw or making butterflies with folded craft paper. It was a joy to go to in every day, it wasn't work it was like being inside of the best cake you have ever eaten. I had a constant smile on my face. Shame my body tried to fo things my brain couldn't remember how to do so had to give up work... But never life. 😁 Stay colourful

    1. Oh David, that's so sweet. Bless you.


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