Funny Peculiar

Man I love this blog so much, because I keep looking back on old posts and making myself smile and it gets me into this perpetual loop of inspiration and VIGOUR and it's great! Some of the greatest things are always thoughts I had in the middle of the night, or dreams I had, or blurry photos that are accidental or of something funny I saw. It's all the funny little life things. It's one of my favourite things that the word "funny" can mean either "humorous" or "odd", because it feels like such a useful and dreamy word encapsulating both of those things. Everything's so funny.

I think I've been less thoughtful lately somehow, like I've been on auto-pilot doing things in sequences and forgetting myself. Like being inside a strange dream, or like those times when you wake up but you're not really totally awake yet. Spooky. Still, I am here now, with a heightened sense of consciousness and self, so I'll try to hold onto that for at least as long as this blog post.

I have this long term fantasy of myself as a spirit, which probably has a lot to do with different levels and modes of consciousness. It's funny to think of ourselves as machines, but when I think about consciousness and how it dips and climbs I feel very android-like. I like that, though, I like the concept of being that way.

I've been trying to look at myself lately as if I was looking at another person. I do the same sometimes with my bedroom and all the things in it, going through everything as if it was someone else's. A museum to a stranger. I think it's a useful way to appreciate all the different fragments of myself and my immediate life. There are tiny treasures in us all, but we forget to see them a lot of the time. Don't forget!

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