Diary: Eurovision & A Big Sketchbook

I've been watching a lot of cartoons this week and it feels so pure and fun and nice to finally see stuff like Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. I really understand why they're so popular now, they're wonderful and super creative little shows (and Over the Garden Wall is so perfectly spooky as well). It's so nice to be able to watch something short and a little bit weird and so lovingly made.

Of course, this week was also the week of the Eurovision Song Contest, so that was the focus of my weekend. I really felt that this was a good year. It was very strange to see Justin Timberlake take part, but it was really fun. My favourite entry was Heartbeat by Justs from Latvia.

I started painting in my A3 sketchbook this week and it feels weird to be working on such a relatively large scale. I love working small and being super portable, and even insular, but it's also pretty satisfying to paint like this. For now I'm just painting indiscriminate colourful backgrounds which I'm planning on collaging over or otherwise coming back to, so in a way it's more like preparing the sketchbook for use than actually using it, but I always love painting for the sake of painting.

I'm in such a good mood because I came off the back of my weekend feeling really ready to try lots of things and paint a lot and my head got all filled with ideas about good food and suncreen-scented adventures. I guess I just feel really sunny and content and capable. This is probably in large part because I've been thinking about the things I've achieved already this year and all the potential future fun things that might exist. I feel really focused on all that good stuff and it fosters such a pleasant mood and attitude and sense of capability!


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.