Diary: Bouncy & Tough

I've been having a dramatic philosophical and artistic moment as I am wont to do, and boy, it's been great. I feel all loose and hungry (both literally, for delicious sandwiches, and creatively, for drawing big wobbly hearts to stick on my wall and grin at). I love when I have a moment of shifting focus and suddenly it's as if I'm a puppet on a string and I know exactly where I'm going.

I feel like a little kid all the time trying to go through my ideas about life and my thought patterns and stuff. I feel like a four year old trying to explain the concept of scissors to an alien, who then realises that the alien already knew all about scissors and actually wrote the equivalent of a PhD on scissors back on their home planet. But it's just for me and I like to sound things out like that, I guess.

I think having a larger intake of dedicated TV shows and films is also doing good for my brain. I'm feeding it new things all the time and it gives me this fresh feeling. I feel more exposed and inside all the narratives and images and I think it's good for me to be so involved in those stories, even when parts of them are negative or challenging or difficult. I can be tough and grateful and pick out all the things I like the best.

I feel all light and bouncy and hydrated. It's really nice. I've also just acquired an A3 sketchbook, so I guess I'm gonna have to draw some big stuff sometime soon. It's hardback, which for some reason feels extra exciting, so I'm really looking forward to starting it.

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