Diary: Aliens & Pencils

This week I drank a lot of fruit juice and visited an alien spaceship. The fruit juice is currently some nice apple, kale, and lime juice, and the alien spaceship is the Futuro House at Central Saint Martins. A very cute spaceship.

I carried out my important cake-testing duties and tried a salted caramel cake from Waitrose which was extremely delicious and good. A strong cake. It's also reached the point of sunniness and warmth where I no longer want to leave the house for any reason. Please tell the sun to calm down a bit, because my body feels a wrongness in this heat.

I've spent a lot of time watching cartoons (Gravity Falls) and let's play videos (Fallout 4), which has been nice. I miss playing Skyrim a lot at the moment. It's been a while and I miss my red-eyed death horse, Shadowmere (the best pet and companion). I have been doing some collaging in my journal with some old photos and some glittery paint, which feels extremely right and correct and good, and I feel a particular kind of journal looseness going on which is really nice. I like to journal in a haze. I've been drawing in pencil a bit and that's how you can tell that I have thrown all artistic rigidity out of the window (because I know pencil won't scan well so I don't use it unless I have truly stopped caring what anything looks like at all). Good news.


  1. where do you watch silent hill LPs? :~) i used to have a best friend who would play it for me and i would watch and i miss it

    1. Just any old one on YouTube! Yeah it's fun to watch sometimes. I get too easily scared to play horror games.


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