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I thought I'd compile a run-down of recently consumed media because hey, I love talking about things I like, I love writing lists, and I love swapping recommendations, so why not? I have gotten into quite a routine lately of watching things and reading things at certain times, or whilst doing certain things, so I've been reading and watching a lot. I'm just going to loosely discuss some of those things here.

Anne Happy

I started watching this anime on an absolute whim and you know what? I'm not sure if I've ever laughed out loud watching anime before. I love the humour in this. There are lots of unique moments. There's also a cute and mischievous robot bunny character called Timothy, who I adore. This series has brought me to the realisation that I love the incredibly sweet and cutesy anime girls, as well as very gloomy types with weird laughs. Those two archetypes are probably the two extremes of my personality.

Other notes on Anne Happy: it's really pretty, and it feels a bit like a more adorable/offbeat/definitely less murderous Dangan Ronpa.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I know this is a very popular and hyped novel at the moment, but I sincerely think it's one of the greatest things I've ever read. Louisa is immensely relatable (especially when she goes to the job centre early on in the book, and especially when other characters make fun of her colourful taste in clothes). It's a book that to me expresses so many despairing parts of life, but in a way that feels healing and accepting and real. This book is very real to me, in a way that is all at once gratifying, chaotic, frustrating, melancholy, and uplifting. This book created a big spiral of emotions for me.

Positive Psychology by Bridget Grenville-Cleave

This is a self-help book. I don't usually read self-help books. I was looking through recent Icon Books releases and this one caught my eye. I thought was an interesting topic - a nice specificity within the vastness of psychology and self-understanding as a whole, so I picked it up. I was pretty impressed. A lot of its content is stuff lots of us already know intuitively about how our feelings and heads work, but I like the way it expands on so-called common sense and offers examples and categorisations and exercises with which to asses your own well-being and sense of happiness in many different ways. I found it very uplifting because the most important thing this book communicates, I think, is that improving and being happy and being the person you want to be is in many cases about making tiny steps. Shuffling forward a bit. Reframing how you think about something just a little bit at a time. By the end I think my understanding of myself and my abilities and emotions had widened. I also think this might be a nice book to come back to just to get little ideas and a bit of encouragement.

Badlands (1973)

This is an interesting film about some murder. I really enjoyed Sissy Spacek's narration as a naive and spaced out teenage girl. I think I really like Sissy Spacek in general. Her ability to play very hazy, alien-like characters is unique. There is a sort of dreamy matter-of-fact style to this film. It feels like watching a destined story from far away. It feels oddly otherworldly, but incredibly present.

Empire Records (1995)

I'm only going to make two comments about this film. Firstly, that I like Liv Tyler's outfit, and secondly, that Rex Manning's song Say No More, Mon Amour (and accompanying music video) is a work of absolute beauty.


Those were some things. Soon there will be more things, different things. I await all the things with anticipation. May the sequence of future things arrange itself mysteriously and serendipitously across my path of experience.

I'm not sure why I wrote such a dramatic sentence there, but anyway, cool.


  1. Loved this post, possibly my most favourite "Favourites" post I have ever read. I love Sissy Spacek, so I will be watching Badlands as soon as is humanly possible. I saw the trailer for Me Before You, so I am certainly tempted to read the book as a few friends of mine have recommended it as well. Thanks for sharing, such a lovely post. I love the way you write xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Yeah I'm interested in how the film's gonna play out. I'm definitely one of those film-before-book types whenever possible, and I almost always much prefer the book (with the occasional exception, like with Cloud Atlas - I liked the book a lot, but I LOVED the film more), but here's hoping the film does it justice! Sissy Spacek is really becoming one of my favourites more and more with each time I see her in something. I watching her in If These Walls Could Talk after Badlands and that was pretty cool.


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