Spooky Webcam World

I like to imagine, sometimes, that there's a world inside a webcam. Like Alice going through the looking glass, but y'now, more digital. Like there's a version of myself trapped there, wading through effects filters, warped and mirrored alternately.

I like making monsters of myself (and this Easter bunny) with the mirror tool. I guess I just love the concept of warped realms, dream worlds, or alternative universes. Like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks, and the whole time compression thing in Final Fantasy VIII.

Actually, I've been thinking a lot about Final Fantasy VIII again recently, and how much of a dream it was. I wanted to exist in that reality so much - from the serene Chocobo Forests to the eerie Tomb of the Unknown King and all the way across space and time. I want the magic of all these places.

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