Silly Journal Fun

I have been doing some silly journalling lately and it's making me feel so myself, like the scribbly imp I truly am. I wrote my name a lot, first of all, because I became really fascinated by my own handwriting for a while. I love this page full of my name because it reminds me of all the scribbling I used to do in the margins of my school books.

At the moment I am enjoying sticking a lot of things in and scribbling all over pages with thick, colourful markers.

These collaged pages are pretty representative of my interests, actually: Brian Molko, pigeons, and hot cross buns. My favourite things.

I think maybe the best thing about art school was that you had to journal and annotate and experiment so much that you were forced to do stuff faster than you could really think about it. Or at least, I was. I always miss that rapid build up of material and constant rearranging of images and ideas and inspirations when I'm not doing it. That's why it feels so great to just do stuff in a journal as fast as I can, and whatever I can think of.

I always end up loving some of the silliest stuff I do the best anyway. After all, I am a David Shrigley devotee.

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