Scrapbook Of Treasures

I'm using up some paint lately in these blobs that I put together and press. I like the way they seep into each other and outwards. Glittery galaxies on paper.

I decided to dedicate my little red moleskine journal to a particular idea and vibe - one of encouragement and treasure. I decided to make it a scrapbook of tiny happinesses. So I can look inside and find the best things in there. I'm treating it as a precious object from now on, but I like that it started out as a normal journal. It gives it some pre-existing character that I think adds to this scrapbook concept.

I'm thinking of all the fun and cheery and inspiring things I can put in there. Promises and mood boards and pictures that I keep just for myself. Notes and pieces of glitter. Landscapes and dreams. Maybe I'll put some of these blobs in there too. A symbol of endlessly expanding colour.

It's going to be filled with all the most precious imagery and stuff that makes me feel most alive and capable. I might dedicate pages to my favourite musicians, or make monthly mood boards of good things, or tape in receipts for raspberries. Stuff like that.


  1. This sounds so lovely! Scrap-booking is so relaxing for me. Keep us updated? : )
    Steph x.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.