Scanner Collages: Body Catalogue

I felt kinda tired and in a creative hurry today, so I decided to make some composite images from a few scans, producing little body collages. They seem to fit the mood. Collages always make me happy when I am in 'sleepy, but determined to do something creative' mode. Digital collages maybe even more so, because they feel so smooth and easy. I guess they probably remind me of various computer mood boards and mock advertising projects I did at school (they were always my favourite).

It also feels like there is something grounding about making a collage from scans of my own body. I'm sort of cataloguing myself. I feel like Fox Mulder would have collages like these taped up somewhere in his office. I think, actually, 'things taped up in Mulder's office' is my favourite aesthetic. I just need some x-rays of myself now.

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