Minimalist Collaging

I made some super simple magazine collages with very few actual components, and I guess it goes to show that you can make art with very little, and I like that. I like to think that even armed with just a twig and a regret, I could make some kind of an art.

So really I just have a little bit of text and a chopped up smile (and the single piece of colour is from a blobby painting I made). I love cutting up part of my collage materials as I scan. There's something very satisfying about seeing my collages disintegrate as I progress. It's like a cleansing.

I think part of this is that it creates texture and space, and it allows me to rearrange stuff and make it all weird and choppy and interesting, but also I just like to destroy glossy editorial/marketing images and repurpose them into something organic and roughened.


  1. Lovely collages! I really like the first one :)


  2. that's amazing!! :) very inspiring

  3. I love these; the use of lettering and colour makes them just pop.



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