Here is, simply, a list of nice things.

★ the simplicity of parts of the body, lines and light, health and no bruises, dim sunlight, rising sun, dusk

★ softness and warmth, clear water, an old jumper, organised drawers, a mascot to cheer you on, watercolours, bright colours and glitter, torn pages, seeing flowers, breathing some fresh air, dimples, curling into a ball

★ bells and bluebells, the word "dappled", your fingertips, chilled milk, faded scars, emerging from a haze, meadows, friendly cows, hilly landscapes, sunset time lapses, tying a bow, buttoning and unbuttoning

★ collected thoughts, instant pictures, "cup" as a verb, baby trees, plaiting someone else's hair, shower gel smells, fresh bread, stew, plump bumblebees, little spoons

★ bones, bark, breath


  1. ★ The tidy rows of seedlings as the vegetable garden comes to life in spring.

  2. Freckles, soft flowers, comforting books, clean sketches and warm drinks.

    Love this post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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