Hands (Super Cool Tools)

I have been thinking again about all the curves and motions of the body. All the ways light can play on our malleable surfaces. All the ways we can bend and press into ourselves. Bodies, guys, bodies. I love them, and always, particularly, hands. Hands as the bodily docking system, I guess. The main way we interact with much of the world, in a physical sense. Touching stuff. Picking up stuff. Desperately clawing at a jar of pasta sauce, swearing.

So here is a celebration of hands, because I love the joints and grooves and the lines we use to tell fortunes. I love the way we hold things, cradle things, carry things. I love hands.

Also, my hands are the tools by which I can write a note saying "u smell" to give to a friend. If that isn't beauty, I don't know what is.

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