Diary: Sunlight, Cat Heads, & Endless Hair

Sunlight has nestled into our lives like an intrusive house guest and I am reliving my teenage years by wearing blazers, squinting uncomfortably, and solemnly mourning winter. I've always been more at home with the colder months, mostly because the sunlight beating down on me on hot days actually hurts and is a unique and relentless discomfort. I'm not really a huge weather-whinger, but sometimes it feels like the sun is on a personal mission to fatigue me and make me constantly anxious that I'm going to get burned (for the record, I've never been sunburned and I'd like to maintain that lack of experience). I am pleased I can start wearing light jackets again, though, so there's that.

I dedicated a whole page of my diary to cat stick figures, because, well, a diary doesn't just have to be about writing down your day. Sometimes it just needs to be cat heads. I think that's a good motto for life, actually.

Sometimes it just needs to be cat heads.
- Lil Ashton (cat-themed philosopher), 2016

I also thought about my hair for a while, because it's getting so long now and I love imagining it at hip/knee/ankle length. I wonder how long it's actually possible for it to grow. Hair is amazing. It's incredible that it can grow so endlessly. I'd like to have all the hair, please.

As far as reading goes, I have been reading a bit of non-fiction this week and I'd really like to read lots more, because there's so much and it often feels like eating or absorbing a book to become filled with knowledge and ideas and thoughts, like a big bowl of education-o's (a great cereal that I just invented). I'm just really excited to learn about stuff! Learn me all of the things and grow me all of the hair.


  1. Ooh what did you think of The Shack??

    1. Quite liked it but felt like it wanted to be more of a self-help book than a novel at times, so it was quite odd to read in that it felt like it was sort of trying to be two different kinds of book at once. Also felt like it didn't really go anywhere after he actually got to The Shack and it sort of peters out because of that loss of narrative. I did really like the way God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were portrayed though, and some of the analysis of life that was in there. It was definitely worth reading.


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