Diary: Spinach Dreams

Hi sunny pals! Here is my diary, this time mostly revolving around walnut cake (because Waitrose walnut cake is amazing). Please send me at least a thousand walnut cakes. I've also been watching a lot of anime lately and my new favourite is Toradora!

I've been eating a lot of pesto and spinach and I love them both a lot. Basically, I love eating leaves, and also cheese. I'm currently illustrating a thing for a future issue of Doll Hospital which I'm super excited about, and trying to use some of my more neglected art materials.

It's still pretty sunny a lot of the time right now and it makes me want to go camping or swimming, but it makes me want to sit inside and make a fort at the same time, so I guess I'm happy whatever. As long as I have spinach.


  1. I was afraid I wasn't going to smile at all today, until I read this. . ."I guess I'm happy whatever. As long as I have spinach." Thanks.

    1. Aw, see, spinach has a unique healing power! ;-)


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