Writing Is Everything

Writing is everything. It's like having a thousand children made of words and sounds and settings and figures of speech. A form of creation that isn't painful, except when you're writing a school essay and you'd rather listen to Liberty X for twelve years straight than write a single 'therefore'. But the thing about writing, or a thing, one of many great things, is that you can do it anywhere. Writing is a souped up version of thinking. You're just thinking through your fingers instead of only in your head. And I love thinking.

I know some people have their requirements with writing. Some have to do it with classical music playing, some have to do it on a designated writing desk, some have to do it at the top of Mt. Fuji whilst balancing a duck in their left hand and humming the French national anthem. Everyone's different. But I can do it anywhere, and I can do it even if someone is simultaneously explaining to me the ins and outs of space shuttle design. So writing happens.

Granted I can essentially draw anywhere too, but writing doesn't have the variation that drawing has. Writing is a completely simplified form. You cannot complicate the physicality of writing. It is the tapping of keys or the movement of a pen. That's it. And it's beautiful. And I can do it anywhere and everywhere, all the time.


  1. 'You're just thinking through your fingers instead of only in your head.'

    I love this post because sometimes I find myself overcomplicating writing but this post has kinda changed my perspective. I'm always writing notes to myself on scrap paper and on my phone and i guess they're all forms of writing (even if they are basic half formed, fleeting thoughts) and that's pretty cool.

    1. I love phone notes and drafts so much! :-)


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