The Bunhead Challenge

Sailor Moon: my role model in both hair and sleeping.

I guess I must be in some kind of phase at the moment of experimenting with my routines and lifestyle, because following my 'no make-up and no booze' thing, I've decided to wear my hair in a bun all the time. I always admire my fellow bunheads for the neatness of the bun as a style (even messy and lopsided or otherwise odd buns have an inherent neatness of some kind, I think), and for ruthlessly and strictly trapping their hair for being so naughty. You have to discipline your hair sometimes, y'know, teach it some ethics.

I've long admired the bun for many practical reasons, and because I think buns are also very cute and fun. They're also simultaneously quite business-like. They can be fun and cute and smart and professional all at the same time. And you can even sleep in them. They're pretty amazing.

I also wanted to try this on the back of my comments about 'the egg look' because I really want to put that egg celebration I talked about into practice. My hair is at a length where it really needs to be tied up or in a bun or plait when I am travelling or sleeping, so I'd like to try to get into more of a routine with my hair based on that. I might try out some different hairbrushes too, because it's getting more and more tangly with length and I'm a bit concerned I'm going to end up turning into a human tumbleweed.

It would be quite cool to be known as a bunhead, too. I already usually draw myself with a bun, so it only makes sense.

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