Pasta, I Love You

Hello beautiful and accomplished reader who has no doubt consumed many a bowl of pasta with finesse (that's why you're accomplished). Sometimes when you write a blog post you just have to write several paragraphs about that one thing that was in your head for no particular reason when you opened the post editor. And that thing for me, just now, was pasta. So please prepare for a wild ride through the pasta-worshipping land I refer to as 'my brain'. Seatbelts are mandatory.

You may well have guessed that I have eaten pasta today. It was a daring mix of two different pasta shapes, because I had a tiny bit left over in one packet that was different to all the other pasta. A lone wolf in the pasta cupboard. I mean, a lone pasta. You know what I mean. The point is, it was an exciting saucepan of intermingling pasta shapes. It might actually be too thrilling for some people to combine pasta shapes, but not for me. I'm adventurous and cool when it comes to pasta.

I just wrote this post and ode to my love and immense appreciation of pasta on a post-dinner high, so feelings were heightened, endorphins were unleashed (big thanks to my endocrine system for giving me the pasta emotions), but nevertheless my love for pasta is true, and it will last forever. It is a true modern love story. It's like Romeo & Juliet except no one dies and I eat a lot and also it's nothing like Romeo & Juliet in any way, because true love isn't about infatuated children dying, it's about me eating stuff.

One day I hope a dictionary gets printed with a picture of me and a big bowl of pasta illustrating the 'love' entry. That would be good.


  1. Well clearly you are way cooler and more adventurous than me. I would never dare to intermingle different shapes of pasta. Vegetables, however, I boldly intermingle with no restraint; on a daily basis, no less. So there's that. I also grow vegetables in my own garden, by the way. If you look up 'sublime' in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of me in my garden.

  2. Love a bit of pasta especially with a good cheese sauce and some asparagus :) x


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