Magazine Collages: Guilty

I made some more magazine collages and this time I went for a more minimalist approach with a pleasing black and white aesthetic, or at least mostly black and white but with a gentle hint of colour. A politely intruding colour. A colour that ducks on its way out of the cinema screen when it needs to go to the toilet.

I love the gentle, delicate, shadowy closed eyes, so they became the centrepiece for all of these collages. They remind me of sleep and the tenderness and fragility of the body, and they make me feel calm somehow. Beautiful resting eyelids.

I also tried to use text quite purposefully because I saw this beautiful letter L, and seeing a really brilliant L makes me feel really pleased about having a name that starts with one. As well as that, I found 'guilty' and 'lucky' and by chance noticed that they paired well with the two faces (although 'guilty' is from the same Gucci perfume advert the faces come from anyway). Usually when I use text in collages it feels quite random and maybe odd, but this time I get a really strong sense of story and feeling from this lucky/guilty image. There's something about it. It feels evocative and emotional to me. Luck, guilt, rest. I don't know. I like it.

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