Happy Red & Orange Paintings

I decided to have a nice sit down and paint some cute stuff, and here is the cute stuff. I keep thinking about painting lately, so it figures I should, y'know, actually do it.

So I sat down and put some TV on and painted some cute little blobby things. Rabbits and carrots and cats and people. I was initially going to use more colours, but as often happens I got caught up in the red and yellow and the warm orange they make together.

I've missed making cutesy, blobby, simple paintings though. It's always cathartic in a way drawing with pens isn't, although there are similarities.

It was lots of fun to make these paintings and to give the human ones perfect little dot noses and line mouths. I don't do that very often, but I think I should. They're so happy-looking.

I did some straightforward blobbing as well, just to get that need to make dots out of my system. I don't know why that's so satisfying, but it is. Maybe I should set up a therapist's office where I get people to make dots like this.

Making blobs is my solution to everything, really. Got a problem? Make a blob. Make many blobs. Problem solved.

I've been falling further into the carrot and bunny motif. I'm not sure how it started, it just seemed to happen, but I'm very happy about it, because drawing bunnies is kinda my favourite.

They have such a clueless look about them, like they're daydreaming or sitting contentedly with no thoughts whatsoever. Or maybe they're just thinking about carrots as you might expect. I shouldn't be condescending about the bunnies, they're probably better at maths than me.

All in all a bunch of very happy little creatures, and people, and celestial bodies. I feel very satisfied with them.

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