Face / Kaleidoscope / Tongue

Who really needs the internet or games consoles or even books when we all have our own faces to entertain us? I don't know when my face became the epicentre of my own mindless enjoyment, but on reviewing the evidence on display here, I think I would be fine living in the woods far from all society, as long as I had a mirror to make faces at.

I can't understand the child me who was perpetually bored when not trading PokΓ©mon or banging a drum. Maybe I just needed my face to change. Maybe it's all the little added details adulthood brought that made my face into high entertainment.

But still, I guess it's not just my face. It's a reference point for humanity as a species. It's the way light and shadow twist and turn and grow around it. It's physics and geometry and anthropology and a biological fixation in what I am and what other people are. It's everything, seen through the kaleidoscope of the self.

And the fact that I can roll my tongue.


  1. these are so cool!! you are so artistic. also, it's so fascinating to think people get bored but like people are so interesting? like as you say, how can you get bored when even your face can entertain you! loved this post


    1. Thank you! Yeah I'm so fascinated by all the little things, it's amazing it's even possible to be bored, but when I was a kid I was bored all the time.


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