I have become really into just drawing dots for eyes and noses lately. It's so simple and cute. If I have a spare moment I like to doodle some cute little pals, they add a little bit of fun and joy to anything. I decided to have some fun with doodling on the computer today because I'm just having a bit of a prolonged digital enjoyment time, reminiscing about computer stuff that I have liked a lot for a long time. I love computers. Cute computers.

I like the blockiness of un-smoothed lines. I like the quirks of the technology. I even like that hideous shade of neon turquoise that MS Paint always had alongside all the other relatively normal default colours, in a way. That one's a stretch though.

Pretty much, I love the charm of simple programs and features of the computers I use now and the computers I used when I first used computers. I still think text adventure games are the coolest. I still think the dial up noise is great. I still love the little sound pieces Brian Eno did for Windows. Most of all, however, I love what is accessible. I love the simple art and editing software that comes already installed on Macs and PCs alike. I love the ease of doing simple drawings, playing with lines and colours, and I will always be grateful that I can do that so easily and happily.

So here are my 'digital post-it notes' of the day, I guess. They make me feel happy and satisfied in a particular way that's different from when I'm drawing or painting a bit more seriously (not that I am ever usually that serious as a human being), and I love how they force me to be extra casual and flippant about drawing. I like anything that encourages that, because I think it's very important to be constantly reminded to just do stuff. Just draw stuff.

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