Diary: zzzZZ Zz zzZZZzz zZzzz

This week my diary has been more of a sleep diary, by which I mean it's been me going on about being sleepy again. Maybe I'm having a hormonal time. Maybe I need to eat bigger sandwiches. Maybe my sudden reduction in tea consumption has dissolved all of my energy. Who knows? All I know is I'm sleepy.

I took the opportunity over Easter weekend to lounge around and watch films. I watched all of the first three Home Alone films back-to-back, a good portion of A Goofy Movie, and The Heat, which I love now. A little bit of The X-Files was also absolutely necessary.

An important highlight of the week that I'd like to talk about is that two dogs took a strong interest in me on Saturday. That was very validating and nice. Notice to all dogs: Please come over and smell me any time you like. Thanks.

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