Diary: Dodie Clark & Jane Eyre

It's another new month of the year already, and once again the passing of time feels weird and unexplainable and almost unwelcome, because sometimes I want to freeze everything like Bernard in Bernard's Watch. On the other hand, time passes by like gentle waves coming into shore. If you think of it like that, it's potentially quite relaxing. New time brings new and exciting things, too, so that's nice.

One particular exciting thing was Thursday night, when I went to Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden to see a bunch of brilliant musicians perform. They were all incredible in their own way and I really enjoyed the night. I made sure to let everyone know that I liked them a lot. They were: Keeva, a soulful girl with a black bob; Conor Coughlan, a fuzzy guitar boy who did an amazing Springsteen cover; Dodie Clark, my favourite little peach in a pinafore; and Lauren Aquilina, who summoned the emotions to rain down upon us. She also made us do the trumpet noises for her cover of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' (it was perfect).

As well as that, I happily won a small quiz for the immense prize of a £5 gift voucher, and expressed my keen love of dungaree dresses (as is my tireless duty).

I'm currently reading Jane Eyre (I actually expect to finish it today), and I love it so much. It's got some very emotional moments, and I feel like in a way it's quite relevant to my diary entry from Wednesday, which I've devoted to essentially asking whether I believe in fate. Jane Eyre clearly has strong convictions and a sense of duty throughout her difficulties, and I find this so inspiring. I relate to her a huge amount, and I admire the choices she makes and the strength of her resilience in those choices. I feel like the concept of fate is very applicable to Jane's systems of belief and ethics. I love her.

Lastly, I also started three weeks of work experience this Monday, and I'm not going to talk about it much beyond showing my actual diary pages, because I think it's worth just letting the things I've written by hand speak for themselves. I have so many thoughts in my head about this and I don't want to unleash them like a swarm of bees, but I will say that it is an amazing experience and it's teaching me lots of things about my own mind and capabilities. Good!

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