Awful Paintings

Sometimes it becomes necessary to do awful paintings. I feel like they live inside me, little terrible imps ready to leap out and make a mess. They need to be exorcised. Or I just get that feeling, that mood a lot that I need to make a disgusting mess, and the efficient and pleasing way to do that is to make paintings and cackle whilst making them like a wild-haired villain. Lightning striking behind me and all that. But really, I'm just having a strong compulsion to make splodgy, drippy, glittery colourful nonsenses. Although let's be honest, that's just my constant personality poking itself through the curtain of professionalism and thoughtfulness that I have obviously expertly drawn around it. That's a joke. Please laugh. Please laugh at my blog.

Anyway, here is some mess that I have dragged into the world via arranging substances together whilst entrusting my aural exposure to Spotify's collection of whatever is new (because now that it's the third month of 2016 I figure I might want to be vaguely aware of 2016 music releases, maybe), and enjoying my favourite drink, hot leaf water.

Please join me in making awful paintings and enjoying life.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.