Authentic Life Blog 2016 Wow

Hi, here is an exciting and fascinating blog post detailing me, today, existing.

First of all, the bunhead life is going well. I have trapped my hair into an orb and it is good. Secondly, I have been drawing some fun stuff in Paintbrush this afternoon because I love fun. Paintbrush and other similar software is always a fun and exciting time for me. A strong hobby. My favourite thing about Paintbrush in particular is the colour selection window. So many options. I'm a big fan of the CMYK sliders because they make it so easy for me to find nice, matching, warm hues. I tried out this leafy green and mustard yellow combo and I am very pleased with it. Congratulations, colours, you are doing well!

I think it's so easy to fall into thinking of your blog categories and post types as super important and to feel this need to be consistent and smart in style, and whilst those are perfectly fine goals, I gotta remember to be silly and flippant and flexible in the documentation of various little bits and pieces. I can definitely see that my writing style and photos have improved and keep improving, to some degree, but regardless it should be no problem for me to put in some weird, unfinished drawings or casual webcam photos. I started this blog talking about hanging around in a shopping centre and looking at kids' magazines and trying on clothes and it was super casual, and that spirit is still important to me.

This is a diary at its core, after all. A way for me to assess and categorise and re-examine lots of things in my life and a way for me to tell stories and have fun and be me. A way for me to make constant One Direction references that will never date. An adventure. And you can't have an adventure if you always stick to the rules.


  1. This post is so cool. I need to find that rawness and freedom with my blog again, Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Moth And Poppy


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