5 Greatest Pictures Of Young Me

Here are some beautiful images I have compiled to make a 'best of' post about the times when my childhood overlapped with a camera. All five of these are probably quite representative of myself at any age. Let me show you how exceptionally great and cool I am/was.

1. Me and Meryl.

Here I am on my bed in the late '90s. Please notice the Teletubbies and Pingu stuff on my wall. I had exceptional taste back then. I named this bear 'Meryl' after a friend. More people (and bears) should be called Meryl, I think.

2. Me tormenting my cat and wearing a Scyther t-shirt.

I miss this t-shirt whenever I look at this picture. Scyther was one of my favourite Pokémon. A very cool Pokémon. A scythe Pokémon. Essentially the grim reaper, but also a bug (#goals). Also my cat probably wanted me to go away absolutely all the time. Like the way most people feel now, whenever I'm around.

3. Me with my mum's immense collection of Beanie Babies.

I don't think I need to say anything about this. It's just the best.

4. Me time travelling.

I'm not sure what the story is here. Did I have a baby? They erase your memory when you come back to the future, so I really can't say. I looked cool though.

5. Me and my dad practising architecture.

Duplo was a wonderful and good toy brand to have and I am glad it existed when I was a stylish young nappy-wearer so that I could enjoy dreams of a lucrative career in construction and/or architecture and/or running a small village with a population of three. Those were the days.


  1. So cute! I love looking at my childhood pictures and seeing how I've changed or what things have stayed the same. Also, the picture of you and the cat is adorable, do you still have her/him?

    1. Yeah! I love seeing other people's childhood pictures and comparing them to how they looked then, haha! No, sadly he died a few years ago, but we had fun.


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