Very Nice Cat Limericks

I've decided to pursue a prestigious career as a poet who primarily writes cat-focused limericks. I'll build up a collection of hundreds of cat limericks and it will be my legacy. That's my newest and most realistic career plan. Please recite one to a cat you know.

There once was a super cool cat
Who happened to also be fat
He ate macaroni
And never felt lonely
As he kissed his best buddy (a gnat)

A beautiful cat named Tim
Follows my every whim
He dances to disco
And sometimes to Sisqo
And he knows that I'll always love him

When there are cute cats around
It seems I can never be found
People go looking
But I am a-cooking
Under a hefty cat mound

It's true that cats love to party
And also that they can be farty
When these things combine
It's a difficult time
But every cat loves a fart party

When I meet a new cat I say hi
To let them know I'm a cool guy
If they don't understand
I give them my hand
And offer a welcoming pie


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.