Tree Trunk Princess

I remember climbing into a hollowed out tree trunk once when I was little. The memory is hazy, as if it's been disintegrating in a bath for decades, but it's there. A tiny puzzle piece of magic. Trees are good. I wish I could actually live in a tree for real. Not in a snazzy and fashionable treehouse (although I would love that too), but in the heart of the tree. I mean I don't want to inconvenience trees, but y'know.

I may have taken way too much of my dream home/future inspiration from ants and wood lice. Insects have a lot of good ideas, that's all I'm saying. But I just want a little fairytale dreamland all to myself. I'd probably have to be insect-sized to live in a tree, or I could live in a massive redwood. Or perhaps I could live inside the tree of Mana like from the video game series centred on a magical tree that was a lasting childhood influence (look out for my tree-based autobiography, 'It Happened To Me: Video Games Made Me A Treehugger').

I think Winnie the Pooh and friends also influenced me way too much with their cool houses inside trees. I'd love to move to the Hundred Acre Wood and live with a bunch of toys.

I actually wish my life was more fairytale. Like I'm a princess of moonlight who resides on Earth in the form of a beetle. Flexing my cute little mandibles. It might not be most people's fantasy, but it's mine. Probably anyone who new me at school could have predicted this is my innermost desire. I'd make a great beetle. Maybe.

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