Things That Are Perfect

Shut up and read my list. These are things to live for. Reasons to be here. Reasons to run away and jump and shout and laugh and eat a big doughnut or something.

  1. The night sky and constellations and all the different blues and blacks and purples.
  2. Colours all over. Messy paints mixing together and the patterns of your veins. 
  3. Your eyes, looking like alien homes.
  4. Everything soft that can hold you. Heating, blankets, bedsheets. Sweet sleep. Buttons and rolled up sleeves.
  5. Warm, warm, warm blood. The heat created right at the core of a warm-blooded creature. You and other people and cats and whatever.
  6. Drum beats and glockenspiels.
  7. Sun roasted tomatoes and pesto.
  8. Admiration.
  9. The paths through forests. The grooves of the bark. The big, flat mushrooms.
  10. Gentle, sweet, glowing flames.
  11. Wildflowers.
  12. Raspberrries and ladybugs.
  13. Bright yellow and bright red.
  14. Fairies and mythos.
  15. Bruises, oddly. I like them.
  16. Really good sandwiches.
  17. The air and how it touches you.
  18. Seeing stuff, collecting stuff, being stuff.
  19. A big glass of water and the warm, sleepy feeling after a good meal.
  20. Nice socks.
And endless other things.

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