Sleepy Mouse

I wanna go sleep.

I have a headache and I wanna go to sleep so here are my swirling thoughts as they come. What if headaches were called head-eeks? That would be cute. Maybe we should call headaches something cute. Maybe that would offset them. As much as I want to drift off to sleep right now and be super relaxed and cosy, I also want to be outside, in a nice secluded forest area where I can feel the cold air and goosebumps and just sigh and shiver a little and feel the grooves in the tree bark. Just thinking about that makes my head-eek feel a little bit calmer.

Sometimes I feel like I was supposed to be a mouse instead of a human. I mean, mice can paint too, right? And they can wear tiny dungarees and listen to Def Leppard. It would suit me to be a mouse like that. Gnawing on a big strawberry or something. And having a nap whenever I'm not enjoying a big strawberry. I mean, I guess I can do that anyway. Strawberries should definitely be much bigger though.

I dunno, I feel like instead of sleeping or pleasantly shivering or eating strawberries I should be running. Running really far like Forrest Gump when he runs back and forth between state borders (I love Forrest Gump so much). But I guess no one can really run like that. I don't like running as much as I like the idea of it. Sleeping is different.


  1. Strawberries and chocolate, light dew on morning grass, and a friend like forest grump. your posts or so peaceful and happy. Can't wait to read all of them.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.