Perfect Imps

I've been drawing some simple, single-colour cuties in my journal while I watch TV and stuff, and they are so relaxing. I think they're even more relaxing than mindless scribbling because they're my default thing. I mean, drawing them is like the way I sleep (the foetal position, of course) or the way I tie my hair at this point. Almost completely automatic if I want it to be. So it brings its own calm. When I'm drawing in my journal though, I do usually want to try other things, so it feels a bit weird to let myself relax into drawing these forms and just kinda let muscle memory work its magic.

I still think of them as little spirits when I draw them like this. My little imps. And bunnies, of course (so necessary). So it's nice to do what feels natural and conjure them up like this. It makes me feel like a sheepish little kid more than scribbling and experimenting and making blobs and silly things in my journal, I think. I guess most of the time I know I'm exploring or experimenting at least in some sense, so I'm relatively unfamiliar with the feeling of just this. Just letting my hand do the absolute default of what it knows how to. But it's perfect, sometimes.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.